Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pale Ale @ $0.25/Bottle:

My current beer brewing is a cheap kit I decided to buy for the heck of it.  The kit consists of one can of Bru-Mix Pale Ale hopped malt extract syrup kit, one can of high-glucose malt extract (which I suspect is just High Fructose Corn Syrup) along with the yeast that came with the Bru-Mix kit.

Just boiled approximately 4 litres water and added the contents of the two cans (not yeast yet) and brought back to a boil for 25 minutes.  Poured the hot wort into a pre-filled glass carboy with 3 gallons of cold water.

Topped to the 6 gallon mark and let it cool down a little bit before pitching the yeast in.  O.G. Reading was 1.032.  Pretty low, but am hoping it will turn out to be a good refreshing cheap ale to drink during the summer.

Cost of both cans, $11, water $2.50 and tomorrow I will sample the beer, if it is pretty sweet, I will toss in some hops for dry hopping, add another $2.50 to the list.


Sorry for no news...

In case you were wondering...

Yes, I still homebrew.  I am currently into brewing Pale Ales and IPAs.  Have done a clone brew of Liberty Ale which I am pretty pleased with the results.  Along with that Liberty Ale, I have begun to appreciate dry hopping my beer.

I recommended brewing Charlie Papizan's recipe for Righteous Real Ale to a friend who was starting to homebrew his own beer.  I decided to brew my own batch too and we met half way and sampled our own batches. 

I was not too happy with the results of my batch, but my friend impressed me especially when it was his very first attempt to brew beer.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Killian's Irish Red Ale

This is my next home brew project. I found the original recipe for George Killian's Irish Red Ale from Pellforth.

The interesting thing is that it is supposed to have an alcohol content of 6.6% ABV. The ones I have drunk in the United States have an alcohol content of 5%. Maybe George Killian had to water down his recipe so it could be legally sold in the United States?

Let's see how I fare with this attempt.


Festa Brew Blonde Lager

Am currently brewing Festa Brew Blonde Lager kit made by Magnotta.

I made this lager last year and really liked it and since my basement is almost 10ºC (all cool from the cold winter), it is a perfect location for me to age my lager for two weeks before bottling.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Friday the 13th Export Ale

This is one of the first lighter coloured ales I am attempting to do. I have been doing a lot of dark beer so I want to try and work on my skills with lighter coloured beer.


  • 3 kg (6.6 lb) Light Malt Extract
  • 225 g (0.5 lb) Flaked Maize
  • 2 oz. Willamette Hops Pellets
  • 1 package Wyeast 1728 Scottish Yeast
  • 50 g Medium Dry Malt Extract (DME) for Yeast Activation)
  • 1/2 tsp. Irish Moss
  • 23 litres (6 gal.) Water
The Brewing Process (07.07.13):
  • Brought 3 litres of water to a booil with Maize soaking in the water.
  • Removed maize once water started boiling, added light malt extract and brought water back to a boil.
  • 50 min: Boil began, added hops.
  • 15 min: Added Irish Moss.
  • Placed wort into glass carboy (6.5 gallon) and located carboy in basement with heat strip.
  • O.G. 1.030, bailing 8, PAV 3.75%
Bottling (07.08.01):
  • F.G. 1.010, bailing 5, PAV 1%, therefore alcohol volume is 2.75, but doesn't taste like it (number may be inaccurate due to variations in temperature).
  • Yield 61 bottles


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Parker's Pale Ale: Lesson Nº1

This is the hand out I gave out during the brewing process. I am working on another hand out for the bottling process. However, I found this website that has good information on how to brew beer.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Midas Touch Goldn Ale

This is the second of the two premium kits I bought on sale n things should be fine.


  • Hopped Malt Extract
  • 3.0 litres tap water (boiled)
  • Yeast
  • Topped with bottled water to make approximately 23 litres
The Brewing Process (07.05.11):
  • Let cans of malt extract stand in hot water to soften up malt extract.
  • Rehydrated yeast in 1/2 gallon water.
  • Boiled 3.5 litres tap water.
  • Poured water and malt extract in fermentation pail and topped with cold spring water to make 23 litres.
  • Used heat strap to maintain 75ºF - 80ºF temperature range.
  • O.G. 1.044 (5.5%)
Observation (07.05.15):
  • Fermentation process seems completed, ready to bottle any time.


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