Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Festa Brew Lager

On Tuesday March 20 I had a meeting at CHS in London and on my way back home I was tempted to stop by one of the wine and beer making supply stores. In the store I saw a lager kit so I decided to purchase that kit. I have always wanted to try brewing lager, but have been swayed away from doing so due to the low temperature that is usually required for brewing lager.

That kit is unique because all I had to do was sterilize my equipment, pour the kit into my fermentation pail and pitch the yeast. No water or extra malt extract needed.


  • Festa Brew Pasteurized Brewer's Wort, Lager style.
  • Brewer's Yeast.


  • Pitched yeast, put in wine cellar @ 14ºC


  • Yeast activity had not begun so transferred upstairs to 24ºC


  • Yeast activity began, transferred back to cellar @ 14ºC


  • Transferred wort into secondary fermenter (glass carboy).


  • Still has yeast activity


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