Saturday, January 20, 2007

Newkie Brown Ale (FrecklesFly)

Today FrecklesFly and I went to Burlington to meet her father who was bringing some of her stuff for us to pick up. Since we were making a 1.25 hour trip, I decided to see what beer making retailers were near by. There was one called Better Bitters Brewing Co. that called itself the largest one in Ontario. I wanted to check it out to see if it had the stuff I needed to try my first Imperial Stout recipe. It did not have everything so I guess large is not always better.

On the way back home, we stopped in Woodstock to get the chocolate malt and roasted barley I needed and FrecklesFly chose her first beer kit to make. Today I led her through the process of brewing her own beer. The beer she chose was Mountmellick's Irish Style Newkie Brown Ale.

The recipe she used to brew this is:

  • Muntons Mountmellick's Irish Style Newkie Brown Ale Kit (Malted Barley, Hop Extract, Dried Brewing Yest)
  • 1 kg (2.2 lbs) Muntons Beerkit Enhancer
  • Spring Water - enough to brew 22.7 litres (6 U.S. gallons)


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